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Super Street Fighter IV A.E.

Started by acewingz, December 22, 2010, 10:32:40 am

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yifans wont and dont  care place is a tax write off . guys behind the counter dont even wake up half the time when you ask for change lol.
it is a shame i remember when joesph yifans brother ran it they really looked after people. i guess with their other businesses doing so well they ran out of time and energy to put into the place
the place is a ghost town now and rightly so.
timezone although the game maybe better i cant bring myself to go down there and play with the children goodluck all im sticking to online my setup better than any arcade anyway lol


The last time I was there, I didn't see any kids playing AE? actually to clarify, I have not seen any kids playing AE at TZ... and I am there every Thursday night (half price) and lunch times on most days. Maybe if you tried coming down you might be suprized? :)
Widen your eyes, there are always mountains higher than the ones you see.


I kinda know what he means. It sorta does feel like that.

Just out of interest will people still play AE at TZ when it comes out on console?


Yeah I will. Especially after I start raging at online mode again.