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SSF4 and MvC3 mashup Every Thursday, weekly ranbats and casuals

Started by CptMunta, February 05, 2010, 09:57:31 pm

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Cool meeting up at the arcade last night. It's awesome we finally have AE back, but I have forgotten EVERYTHING!
Oni seems to have alot of fun tricks adn E. Ryu was fun. Damon was doing pretty well with Oni. Win streaking even!

The Tekken players were having their Friday tournament. Those guys got pretty hype. It was pretty interesting considering it seems their community has no online presence. They had a pretty good turnout too (Jealous much Munta ;) ) so I'm thinking it might be good to chat to timezone about their scene for the 3 Green Bars Christchurch episode. I would be pretty unfair if I said there isn't much of a scene here and not mention Tekken at all which has had a strong following for many years.

Timezone host the tournaments and Timezone is owned by Namco Bandai so that might have something to their interest in it. The scene also seems more driven by the arcade more so than it's players.  Also the Tekken scene in Christchurch has never really had a slump or anything in the arcades it seems, so that might have something to do with it.

Having no public spot to meet up for so long and any new games since CvS2 here in CHCH maybe that's why our 2D scene isn't as strong. What I've always thought was funny was the stigma between communities that even I have been guilty of. Even some players thinking the other players game was just "mash to win" lol. Very few players show interest in both games. Ben, Tamate, Nick and Choco can all play Tekken but prefer 2D, but we have no Tekken players dabbling in SSF4 AE for some reason. The tekken crowd is definitely alot younger in general so maybe their first fighting game was probably Tekken 3, whereas we remember 2D games.
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My first fighting game was Tekken 3. I only touched SF2 after joining NZism hahaha.

I like Street Fighter because I feel like I have more control over it. I much prefer the different types of play styles that you find in a Street Fighter game and the skill it takes to pull it off. Honestly the problem with Tekken is that it all boils down to a high/low mixup game. It is just not very interesting to me. A lot of the time when I score a hit in Tekken I feel I got more lucky, but when I get a hit in Street Fighter I generally feel like I had a good read on the opponent.

I also think it is far harder to get into the Tekken scene than Street Fighter, mostly because of how easily avaliable information is online. Tekken guides online do exist, burried in forum posts that are usually amazingly outdated. If you are lucky you can find some blurry videos on youtube explaining some stuff. The only series I have seen that explained Tekken to me in a way I could easily understand was the Level up your game series on youtube.

For SF4 you have a decent online crowd, a lot of information available on a fair few sites and countless videos. Also the game teaches you basic combos that you can use, which is just so overlooked. Good luck ever figuring out a Tekken combo by yourself if you are new. Figuring out Zafinas BnB combo is far more difficult than cammys short jab short spiral arrow.

I like both games, I just like aspects of Street Fighter more. Although I have respect for a good Tekken Player.