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OZHADOU APAC NZ 2010 Qualification Tournament Results!

Started by Lennysaurus, May 08, 2010, 08:08:07 pm

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Grats to Kevin for winning and Jack for  putting up an aweesome fight!

Other honourable mentions definitely being Euans Adon, Hue's Viper, and tghe star of the day Bill's El Furete!!!

Vids will go up during the week!

1 Kevin
2 JackSmash
3 Zosla
4 Cr8zyK1ll4h
5 M4siah
7 Gankatron
7 Blackstar Ninja
9 B Boy Draw2
9 TooMeke
9 CptMunta
9 IronSOL
13 DVS
13 Xpunch
13 Cody
13 Smoofologist

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Ohh so that's where you's have been all day lol. Too bad i couldn't come ay, too broke g.

Fark , JackSmash ay. Mean to see him up there. And Mason. Fark even Bill's up there, with Fuerte too, props g. Cant wait to see some vids so i can say 'fark useless dudes, especially that gay Fuerte.

How many people turned up? Must be 13 seeing as that's where Smoof's name is lol.

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I hear good things, shame timing was wrong for me

props to euan for pure adon
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Can't wait to see the vids! Shame I couldn't attend, had my head in the books for (most) of the day D:


Hey all

Huge thanks to Lenny for stepping up and running this tournament, you did an awesome job as always, hope you recover well soon.

GGs to everyone it was awesome watching how everyone has improved so much and seeing some of the new shit that the characters can do was real cool. Nice job with Adon Euan and Bill, your elf was top tier.

Last but not least GGs to Kevin! Man it was deja vu all over again haha it felt exactly the same as the 2v2s you always manage to adapt so well and beast. Def NZ no.1
Good luck in Aus man, school Daigo and Humanbomb for us!  ;D


GGs too all as well,
Best matches was Hue's viper vs Gank's Boxer and also me vs Bills Furte for sure!!!! that ult 2 is scary :P

Couple of things I notice is that everyone missed  most of their links and stuff with the setup we had... That is Mason's monitor, felt REALLY weird... Not ment to be rude to Mason as he lent out all his gear and many thanks to him.

Hope next time we can get some good setups, I actually think using the xbox360 on the Giga Monitors are fine but some say its laggy??? though if you ask gank, jack, Kevin, Hue, Cody and myself, we all think the Giga Monitors are fine.

I think this is just something we are really lacking,  we dun have proper setups for tournament like such, will need to work on it next time.

btw, thanks Capcom to make Ryu's SRK suck!!!!
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It was an awesome event. Big thanks to Lenny for organizing the tournament. Congratulation to Kevin and Jack, you guys put up an awesome show, it was very intense.

Sol : In the beginning, I was thinking about picking Ryu coz I was afraid that my C.viper would have no chance against your Honda. But I'm glad that I didn't pussy out and still chose C.Viper. It was a very close match man.

M4siah : For some reasons, I feel guilty for picking Juri against you. I seriously just wanted to enjoy the game with you. Didn't know that you have very little experience against Juri. I felt like a loser who wanted to win desperately and chose a very cheap tactic. =.= Sorry about that Mason.

Euan's Adon & Bill's El fuerte were the real killing machines in this tournament. I really enjoyed the shows :D Keep up the good work guys and I hope to play against u guys next time.

GGS to everyone else ^_^ Can't wait to see the vids.

P.S : btw Lenny, it's Cr8zyK1LL3r, not Cr8zyK1LL4h. :P would you please fixing that for me ?? ^_^ thanks man.


Wow looking at that list I really should have gone to this! lol.


Quote from: zosla on May 08, 2010, 10:02:43 pm

btw, thanks Capcom to make Ryu's SRK suck!!!!

Why not pick Sagat? Man I love Super.

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yeah simon , how come you and james never come to any events anymore ??
wouldve been good to see you guys .

ggs to everyone today , had a heap of fun .
I also had alot of trouble with my links/combos that i dont normally miss but im gunna have to try to adapt to different setups/tv's to get better .

good luck in aussie kevin , you beast them bro !!!!
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Haha thanks Hue, your win was completely legit. I was just angry for getting completely destroyed especially after my super close game with Kevin (he had 0 health on the last round of the last game after I tried to finish him with a chipped shoryuken, then his 360+k grab killed me, plus I paused when I landed my Ultra in the first game...).

GGs to everyone today was a fun tournament and go Kevin your gief is beast. Just get some practice especially against the new characters.


Awesome tournament, great close games with all..pity I couldn't hang around for more casual matches.....munta we have to have  Rose mirror!

mason..fuck that was a close match! B Boy Drawz....well done man good come back! I look forward to the nationals!!!!!!
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Goodtimes gentlemen, goodtimes  :)

Great matches. I bet Kevin in a Casual right off the bat.  :o Only to get downloaded and thrown into losers by him the tournament.

My first match vs Xpunch was hard out really had to work hard, hard matchup still for Rose. Also vs Bill I just had no idea. But goodgames I learned tons. Casuals were great, saw lots of rad Dudley tricks. Yeah I reckon Bill gets player of the day though. That Fuerte is so hella sick. I was like "Fuck yeah!" everytime that Ultra connected. That comeback from nothing was amazing. They should make an infomerical about it. Heaps of high level play and antics going on. Was really a NZ allstars tournament. Don't I remember many matches being totally free.

Good to catch up B Boy. Awesome you had your crew of ladies cheering you on from the "corparate box"  ;) Hope you and a local crew get to make it to Nationals. You guys have a place to stay if you ever come down to CHCH for SF4 casuals/tourneys.

Cheers again Geneterror for you and your Mrs being such great hosts. Awesome Cody mirrors bro.

Cheers to Lenny for running it, we'll chat about sussing out getting some CHCH locals up for Nats and congratulations for the only real comp that mattered that day:


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GGs everyone, i was a bit smashed when i showed up haha but didn't do too bad.

The level of skill has definitely grown a lot. Lots of great matches, shout out to xpunch and smoof for the casuals. I wanted to stay for the finals but was falling asleep lol


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