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Super Street Fighter 4 tourney/release party @ Gamestation Results!

Started by CptMunta, May 01, 2010, 07:17:29 am

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I'd like a shirt :)

edit: and I'm willing to put on 20kg to be able to fit it
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Quote from: fluxcore on May 03, 2010, 03:51:40 pm
I'd like a shirt :)

edit: and I'm willing to put on 20kg to be able to fit it

You can have 20 of mine if you like lol

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Vids up, hosted on photobucket sorry. Will upload finals later in the week.

Also Alan if you change your mind about the shirt just shoot me a txt. I think it's fair you get one for us using your site for annoucements and to help build our scene. But if it won't fit it won't fit, so it's all good. Just thought you might have just been being polite :) could send it with a bucket of lard though ;)
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Quote from: CptMunta on May 03, 2010, 02:17:08 pm
Ok good news and bad news:

Good news:  :D

T-Shirts are here in NZ,
being couriered today, means either Wednesday or Thursday I'll have them.
they are all in Large size.
And because of the delay we are getting 10 shirts!

Bad News:  :'(

No backpack, a hick-up with Capcom France means it may never be happening. (Not really bad news for anyone else, getting latest Final Fantasy instead ;) )
Tried to scab some more posters but no dice,
Looks like all the t-shirts are the Ryu design

Sorry guys, not much we can do about it really. Will be in touch with you guys this week to give you your t-shirts. Had my fingers crossed for Guile but them's the breaks.

Since I have 10 I'll give one to Corey who won something random but wasn't there.
And one to Kim if he wants one since he won a poster.

So that leaves 4 t-shirts.
Rest assured they'll be going into the local Street Fighter community. The question is "how?" I reckon we could save them for the next tourney as spot prizes which could be the go I reckon. We'll see how we go.

Shaun from Monaco has really gone to town for us to get us heaps of cool stuff. So massive props to him and his staff.  :) Despite this small hick-up we've been pretty spoiled for exclusive street fighter related prizes. So cheers again Shaun.  8)
On a side note Shaun gets to go to E3 and probably gets to hands on with MvC3!!!!
I want your job!

We'll probably put on a similar Marvel vs Capcom 3 launch party next year! yahee!

Match vids:

Might just upload them as is with my Captain Obvious commentary for now. It really is shocking, feel free to turn down your  speakers.

Also hella shakey cam, no excuses there. Only a handful of matches since I was running out of room. Chris from Gamestation recorded the final will grab it this week. Would take the time to tidy them up, but no spare time before I head to Auckland on Friday.

Also free Friday day for matches if any of you Aucklanders are free for games  ;)

Damn! You get Final Fantasy instead? I felt better placing at 3rd when the prize was a backpack as I don't have a stick  :'(

Also thanks Shaun for the prizes! Man I also wish that I had your job so that I could go to E3 for "work"  ;D

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Shirts arrived just before I left for Auckland. I'll try and drop em' off at Gamestation on Monday for people to pick up. Or I can hook you guys up on Friday at our mashup  :)

I gotta start getting the Ball rolling the next tourney.
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