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Ill_Bill VS Skullator Grudge Money Match

Started by [NIUE] BIRRY WONG, June 11, 2010, 03:08:29 pm

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samurai black

man, these games were a great way to end the 3v3

so awesome.

[NIUE] B1ackstar Ninja

"Attack me if you dare , i will crush you "


such an awesome match, both players were very good


A few holes in your gameplay? Must of been some decent rips in mine then haha.
Team name was supposed to be: ILL_PREPARED, and it showed lol. No need to front, I played like garbage and dropped BnB's the entire day lol.

Fucking GG's with a fucking good sort.



Quote from: ILL_BILL on June 27, 2010, 09:37:05 am
Was an awesome match. Showed me where there are quite a few holes in my gameplay that I need to work on.



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Quote from: Cr8zyK1LL3r on June 28, 2010, 01:22:14 am

Speaking of blackholes crazykiller, I guess it turned out for you to be super bad luck that all your shitposting on this topic and in your video interview topic that went on to inspire me to never lose a round to you at 2010 nationals, or in fact ever lose to you in any tournament bracket ever since.. right ;] ?
I hope I can dig up hues video interview topic with Bill some time, it was a great demonstration of western egos versus awkward eastern CraZyKil3330303r please not crazykiller! e-ego :P


Teaching some of the biggest shit talking males in this community that their online personalities were rediculously ugly when flaunted IRL remains perhaps my fave experience the NZism community let me pass down to that rude VietBoy ;]
In all fairness, Hue was always cool to me before we started this topic, and actually toned down his forum trolling alot after we humble pied him by sending his ass to losers, than sending him packing after losing to Kevin/Fong and Simonfish (some truly genuine humble beasts)
Also shout outs to the only spectator to have ever encouraged me "live commentary styled" verbally, in that LQ video in the middle there, James / Hydro. Seeing his genuine grudge match in 2009 is surely what helped motivate me and Bill into this spray on fake grudge match (the cash and our reputations/egos were real, but have always been close and were PMing each other constantly on the forums the entire time, Mason saw the truth of the matter at one point lol, but I dont care to share that here... all these years later. Bill was too kind, put it that way; he didn't even make a shirt for me to flaunt at nats ;[ hahaha)

Amazing memories from this topic, basically me and Will conducted our own little social experiment on this entire forums community, sure the $ meant nothing but both of us walked into that room knowing full well that one of our spray on egos was going to be obliterated before the 3v3 tournament day was over. The laughs and motivation that ensued over the next 2-3 years, I only have Bill to thank for (and everyone who backed me and never talked shit about me in person of course!)

The moral of the story for me was - never ever accept a MM on the same day as a team tournament LOL!
Bill can vouch for the nerves. Oh and Smoof finally overcame his social awkwardness on the boards too, I guess it helped I got him a signature from his favorite Sagat player back from melb for him... cheeky cunt.

I bump for Google's index, not for my own e-ego (which has always been huge and healthy when I turn it on - rank1 chun etc)
Everybody surely has learned that in the fullness of time.

Know any fighting game player before you judge them, we learned that and stopped all the shit talking on the www.standingfierce.com forums eventually (shoutouts to sponsorship and livewire!)
Not plugging just kinda letting the site admin know why people don't post here anymore since he clearly emailed everyone at one point asking what was up.

Apologies to site admin for not replying, and I would love a copy of this forums DB file some time if it's not too much trouble (the file gen'd when you run a cloud backup through the cPanel or whatever if you guys running linux hosting)
I would hate to see this site fade away one day, its like a massive journal of memories to those of us who dig up old links and videos from time to time...

Peace and love to all kiwis.
Tom - Mid 2014

Seeking random self-closure, its just like writing in a diary mates ;]

[NIUE] B1ackstar Ninja

Hahahaha NZISM FOREVER !!!!!!!

Forums are kinda boring now without any beef though , maybe DVS can make a comeback and he and smoof can do a new first to 10 !!!
"Attack me if you dare , i will crush you "


I'm so gutted that I wasnt there for that one live, but it was only because I heard Smoof was so anti hype he may not have even been training or planning on attending or something.

NZism forever bro =p
I remember reading so much drama here sitting at working and studying so much SFIV character strategy vids too haha.. some good memories for us all back then surely!
Love how far our community has come over the years though, awesome seeing the humble gods like Hydro get active again and keen to start attending majors again too I hope!