"The Aftermath" The Nats 2010 Post-Tourney Thread!!!

Started by Lennysaurus, August 23, 2010, 12:08:41 pm

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Here you go guys!!!

Let rip!!!

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shout out to all my fellow tekken players here on nzism... whereever you are!


Nice meeting most of you's, now I'm gonna have to get in on this street fighter action.  sf3 looks the pants!
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My vids from the event can be found in this topic:

Look forward to seeing pics and others vids soon!

Shouts to all I played:

StereoMonkey: Good match with your Bison bro, we need to play some more.
Guileguy: Your Guile is as beast as ever bro. Watch the booms against Chun though because good Chun's will dash ultra no problems.
Hue: The match against your Juri was pretty fun, I liked that you picked her both games. We couldn't be sure which character would have the advantage in that matchup so good job testing it out.
Kevin: I was hoping this match would of been my first win at a tourny against you, I was wrong. You adapted to me very quickly and pulled off some full screen SPD's, good job brother a well deserved victory to you.
Rob: You did great at the tourny man, and it was your first one too. Hope you keep playing. I suck against Boxer so I'm happy to get all the practice I can get vs him lol.
Andy: I don't know what happened there man, I've never played that good before.  But yes, you were right I did put alot of time into learning the Ryu matchup as it had always been one of my biggest weaknesses. Till next time bro.
Fong: Rock solid play mate. Your boxer is able to switch between his solid defence into calculated offensive risks very efficiently. I'm a long way off beating you in a tourny, but look forward to the day I might.
Hue again: I don't think Sagat was a good pick against me, I am very confident in that match up, and it's now 6-4 to Chun in SSFIV. I was pleased to see you finally pick C.Viper against me in the second game, even though she got beaten I am sure if you worked on her I would struggle against your Viper.
Simonfish: Bro we had a great match, down to the final round and with a Double KO in the final game! Talk about epic. I was a bit gutted I got that close and didn't win, but heck it's you I was playing! You can't really be that mad about losing to Simonfish haha, great match bro look forward to more, and good job on second place.


Older post:
Thanks heaps Lenny for organizing, and everyone who was involved with running. Fantastic event and weekend.
Great play by absolutely everybody.. good games to everyone I played.

All good on the MM Hue, just let me know if you ever want one, I'll be keen.

Massive congratulations to Kevin! You really are #1 bro, you deserved it!!!

Big thanks to James and Chrissie for helping record my matches while I was playing! Gutted you didn't make it through to Sunday with us bro, next time it's all yours.

Good to meet you Nick4now and TheFlash! Shot for making the trip guys, hope you enjoyed yourselves. Awesome money match with you Flash, was closer than it seemed too considering you dropped a few supers which would of won rounds.. you played real well tho man. I hope the casino put out for you too  ;D

Players of the day for me in the SSFIV tourny go to Fong and Weazzy.
Fong, your boxer is perfect man, an absolute joy to watch, I can't even come close.
Weazzy, you sure showed everyone! Well done bro.

And of course, a big thanks to Mason for winning both of your money matches which I had side bets on you for!

Shot wellington for coming up and making the third strike tourny what it was, hope you guys enjoyed yourselves.

The buffet on Saturday night was awesome haha, shout outs to the U-Man for making the biggest dent in their food supply!
Props to Skycity Casino for letting me rob them of their $700 on roulette Saturday night too haha.

I look forward to the something epic up your sleeve Lenny ;] It sounds awesome bro, will definitely make it up for them.


Shout out to all the PSN boys who did so well at the nats :)

and congrats to the usual grp of beasts who got their usual placings at tournaments lol too many to list names ahah and dont want to miss anyone lol

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i wanna see tourny results >:( >:( :P
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Yah I'll get them up later tonight.

Ioane and I are visiting people he hasn't seen in ages while he is in New Zealand, so I'm a bit busy today.  Have all the results on my laptop.

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so gutted i missed this :'( :'( :'(
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Thanks to all my Friends, especially the ones who have always been giving me a hard time in SF4 and always pushing me to improve :)
@Richard (GuileGuy)

MVP goes to my cousin Rob - Boxer who came for his second Tournament and came top 16, I very proud of you, Much thanks to Fong who helped him with his Boxer questions :) as he is very inexperience and lack training. I hope you can futher help him in the future.

much respect to all who made into the top 16, you guys trained hard and well to make it.

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Quote from: [NIUE] Optimus DAVE on August 23, 2010, 12:20:46 pm
i wanna see tourny results >:( >:( :P

Ghetto tourny results, not 100% guaranteed correct, all I can remember.

1st: Kevin
2nd: Simonfish
3rd: Jacksmash
4th: Fong
5th: Weazzyeff
5th: Zosla
7th: Skullator
7th: iMagneto
Top16: Mason, Karizzma, Crazymobius, Crazykiller, Rob, Rumble, Hebretto, Lenny.

3rd Strike:
1st: Simonfish
2nd: Frankie


@skull, 3s was like

1st Simonfish
2nd Frankie
3rd Kevin
4th Me
5th Muice
5th CrazyMobius
7th Ben
7th Patrick

damnnnnnnnn what a mean weekend.
Outside of Nats my weekend had mad drama, but sorted it all out.

First up. shout outs;

Thanks Alan for making NZ-ism, without that, there would never have been events like this. Regardless of what role you take in the future, establishing the site should never be forgotten.

Lenny and everyone who helped run the event, awesome job. I thought everything went real good, was a pleasure to be a part of.

SMOOF, BRO, now you can beast with balls out double Ds Q.

Ben, shot for running 3s bro, you kept it real smooth, and despite that small hiccup with the brackets everything was sweet. Sorry for actually playing decent when we played bro haha. Cheers for loving the game so much too, was a pleasure to play you all weekend. Hopefully I can get up more and play, playing you guys who are getting into it and love the game has made me fall in love with 3s bullshit all over again. for lyfeeeeeeeee

HEBBBB, my new top 2 favourite 3s players haha. oh shit gimmicksss. "DONT JUMP IM GOING TO FLASHKICK" "WTF WHY DID YOU JUMP I SAID DONT JUMP" good times.

Everyone not from Auckland that come up, down, across. Shot guys, really makes it a National event when guys from everywhere have the dedication to come compete and meet everyone.

shot to weazzy, had a good chat with you bro, what a BEAST

cheers ben (wellington) for coming up as well and repping bro haha

finally, cheers to simonfish, kevin, and especially Frankie, for being hella nice guys. It was awesome to meet you guys and have a chat, play some games with you. I learnt a lot, you guys are crazy! But more importantly for me, I liked that you guys keep it real and aren't dicks about the game. Frankie bro, you're on another level. 2nd with Alex bro, what a stun beast! Thanks for lunch again, too man, if you find yourself down in Wellington let me know and I'll return the favour!


yeah nah maybe we should play that game:/

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chur for that boiz

simon and kevin...the big 2 to beat.

wish i coulda seen the 3s madness
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[NIUE] weazzyefff

Bro i'd rather train with Andy rather than beef with him. If only he felt the same.

We should definitely get some training sessions on out west bro. BARRR FIIGHHTS!!!
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Did anyone record the Third Strike matches?


Quote from: Gino on August 23, 2010, 01:29:56 pm
Did anyone record the Third Strike matches?

I got grand finals (20 minutes) and some pool play, thats all tho


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super was mean, marvel was awesome even though half the time i didn't know who is who and what the hell is going, but a big shout out to birry wong for tryna fill me in on whats happening lol

3s was so sick that it deserved to be mentioned on its own. can't wait to watch the video's of the top four esp simon's mak juggles into stun, kevin's nasty RX like urien (partial charge all day) and frankie's god like alex :o damn simon i was hoping you'd pull off that combo you do with mak, the one where you do her ultra then juggle then ultra again.......you know the one you did on me at yifanz yah bastard >:( lol

shout outs to the welly boys for coming up and to all the new faces too :)

p.s apart from predicting simon to take out marvel i got my other predictions wrong lol i had kevin winning 3rd strike, jacksmash to be our youngest national champ for super and lenny for HDR

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