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Battle Arena Melbourne 2k10: Results & Recap

Started by EXC355UM, October 05, 2010, 02:45:17 pm

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My BAM2k10 article is up now, so check it out in the link below.
Battle Arena Melbourne 2k10: Results & Recap

I will add more videos as they go live. Enjoy!  :)


Nice update. Lookin' forward to the vids.
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WOW!!! this is epic stuff^^ would love to be there... but work calls and also GF calls hahahha ><
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Haha, fair enough Zosla. Just make sure you give both enough notice for next year!  ;D

@Geneterror: Thanks bro, so am I!  :)


Nice writeup!

Any chance of getting info on the characters used in the non SSFIV games?

I like how there was a bar at the venue.


Sorry moose, that's all the info they gave me.  :-[

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