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Wugga is eating uppercuts

MVC3 awesome vids .....

Started by [NIUE] B1ackstar Ninja, February 14, 2011, 10:03:48 pm

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That was a good watch. Learnt some mean Mag/Wesker shit from Yipes.


Doubt it will be removed before EVO, if at all.
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I spent the god damn last 3 hours playing around with Mag/Wesker/Akuma and the DHC glitch. If I'm more than a dash outside of the corner I can even kill Thor starting with no bar from a tri jump L or c.L and I end up with 1 bar at the end. Damn that's cool (when I use it, not my opponent)


[NIUE] B1ackstar Ninja

some desk c.viper madness

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Some really good stuff



I have the whole thing @720p, 1.4gb on my computer at home ;D
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Quote from: geneterror on May 19, 2011, 03:18:41 pm
I have the whole thing @720p, 1.4gb on my computer at home ;D

bro if your coming on saturday can i grab it off you?
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I'll try and remember to bring it.
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[NIUE] Optimus DAVE

sweet az man ;D ;D
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I think i'll be bringing my laptop and i have it also. 1.49 gig @720p ripped from youtube.
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oh sweet well whoevers got i'll have a hd ready to be loaded
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