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First Blood 2011 post-tourney discussion

Started by waza, March 12, 2011, 04:41:34 pm

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[NIUE] Optimus DAVE

bro this event was pretty awesome in the fact that it was like running pretty darn well ;D

good job admin  :-*

ggs to all the people i played especially karizzma and len ( you bastards :P)

good to see everyone still alive and well in the new year....too bad you were abit late xpunch bro.....

next event Im taking first 8)

lol and sorry scribble.....the birth of LAMER DAVE  :P

and mud i couldnt come back, had to do the sober driver buzz.....not cool

nek time fo'sho' mah brothers
The New Generation Clockw0rk


Haha just realised i forgot to post!

Was a well run event, big ups to rory, len, and (o.g.)bill. GG's to everyone i played. (unless you had sent on your team :P boooo)

Till next time!