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Started by [NIUE] weazzyefff, March 14, 2011, 04:26:51 pm

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Quote from: electric on April 10, 2011, 09:33:17 pm
That's the one I found when I did my research - and yes, from what I gathered at the time, it's just a region variance.

Rorooze, that test was carried out by Cicada from SRK (used to run House of Cicada streams) so it's proven to be baller

Amendonz, if you don't mind, could you please give a "review" when you receive this panel ? I'm sure there are plenty of people here looking for a proven great panel

i'l try man, i doubt i'll be able to test it properly, but i'l do what i can


had a look for some monitors on trademe but I have no idea about response time

Is 2ms response any good? Anyone care to break it down for me?


2ms is great but response time isn't the same as input lag.

response time is like the time it takes for a pixel to change from black to white then back to black again, or something. the lower the value the less chance you will have of ghosting, etc.


Yeah that's why people do those lag tests with the clocks as you see on the previous page. Normally comparing the monitor with a crt or something that's proven to be lagless. If your photos have both screens on the same milliseconds you can be pretty sure they're lag free.

Sadface that our 37" lags too much to play with, it said 6ms on the box (and has a thing called motion flow) so I thought hey that's less than a frame that won't lag. But when I try to calibrate guitar hero on it I get values of at least 3 frames usually. Still a good TV for movies and TV though and I'm happy with my 20" monitor.

Finding lag tests for monitors was pretty rare last time I looked.


Ahhh I see makes more sense now. I thought they were one in the same.


TV arrived, first impressions are good.. 720p with game mode still looks good as.

would the lag test on rock band be any good as a "rough" test?

i guess if i tried hard enough i could find a decent slr to use for a lag test, but then i'd need to find a pc with 2 video outputs since mine doesn't (that wouldn't be too hard either) hmm we'll see


I'm not too sure about the rock band calibration test, cause iirc 0ms doesn't actually mean 0 lag. They have negative lag values for some unknown reason, so I don't know what value you would want for no lag.


play any of the rhythm games with the sound off and see if you can hit the notes by eyeballing. In the process of determining lag on one of my de-interlacer (iscan pro) with beatmania, seems ok.
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For guitar hero and most games that should kinda work with the lag offset on 0. But Rock Band 2 did something funny making 0 the standard of average HD TVs or something like that, so you can get negative values.


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Anyone know anything about ViewSonic 19" VA1932WMA monitor?

Picked one up lastnight for $90


So how do you interpret this?


Using any human driven feedback loop is a terrible way of testing for low input delay, btw.
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Yeah never bothered with it.  Still trying to sort out a decent slr and a better graphics card


Damn it well fuck it. This lag shit is gay just going to have to use my awesome adaption skills on every monitor I play on now


Quote from: redtie on May 19, 2011, 10:39:38 am
This lag shit is gay just going to have to use my awesome adaption skills on every monitor I play on now
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