SF2 Pinball + SSF2X candy cab

Started by amendonz, March 18, 2011, 07:32:41 pm

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almost there, got sick of waiting and just did the rotate, was a fucking mission but got there in the end

so gay though, it only has joys/punch buttons, have to wait till sometime next week to get the cps2 harness to get the kick buttons going...

screen needs a degauss too, the degauss button didn't do a very good job, sweet as though, guy at works got one  :)

gonna chuck a ssf2x movestrip in there and some new locks and it'l be all done.


looks smashing!
All your sticks belong to me!


All up and running. degaussed the screen, came up much better, still a little bit of purple on the very edges when theres blue on screen but mostly unnoticable. Happy as with it, ST just so glorious in 15khz with good controls.

still need new locks and to get a move strip printed, but yeh, pretty much there...




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