Paewang/Hori Stick 3

Started by karizzma, March 26, 2011, 10:53:18 pm

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Kinda a double question.

Do paewangs have any problems with them?

The holes for the buttons on the hori stick seem too small for standard sanwas to fit in so I need to make them bigger. What tool would be the best for this?

samurai black


I was gonna try but then the holes would become too big


Usually the Hori stick has tabs on them that prevent sanwas...but you can file them down...or if you're lazy...just bend those suckers down.
...or at least that's my experience with an EX2 I had.
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Wait what? Are you talking about Hrap3s? Sanwa buttons go in easy.


No the fighting stick 3. I should have cleared that one up sorry. So begins the long journey of sanding down these suckers.




Quote from: [SAS]karizzma on March 26, 2011, 11:13:31 pm
No the fighting stick 3. I should have cleared that one up sorry. So begins the long journey of sanding down these suckers.

Yeah, it's identical to the Wii stick we modded bro

Use tin snips to chop the majority of the tab off before you sand, so you aren't there for 40 years - it makes a massive difference - as long as there isn't anything too sharp, you won't even need to sand - just be totally precise with your tin snips lol

As for the Paewang, I haven't heard anything bad about them - Nates one is still sweet - just make sure it can fit inside the stick somewhere - there isn't much room.

Also, if I remember correctly, there's a dedicated pcb for the start/select/home buttons that needs to stay there - it's small, but you need it since the buttons aren't microswitches.
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Paweangs perfectly fine.  If you choose to go for the stick then you will have to file out the holes to fit the sanwa buttons.  Stick is easy enough to replace with a JLF as well.  Only shit thing I don't like is the button layout.  The first two buttons (lp/lk) are in a fucked up position and at an stupid angle.  Though for the same cost of the PCB it's nice to have them to stick other shitty PCB's and give them to family as gifts and shit.

My two paewangs are going still going fine and easy to switch between the consoles.  Had them since July last year.
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some people have had problems with the paewangs somehow making the home button of the other persons stick randomly turn on lol


Finally got the buttons in and found a way for the stick to sit there. But now I cannot put the bottom plate on because the stick is too long lol. Might have to sand out the bottom plate a bit it would seem.

Also how is wiring up the paewang? since Im going have to wire the paewang to another PCB does that have any effect on it at all?


Yes. You can potentially get short circuits and shit. Why are you wiring it to another PCB? Dual modding for PS2?
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I have to use the stock PCB for the start/select buttons.


Easy, just solder the wires for both buttons from the paewang to the PCB on the stick.  Quite simple dude.
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Do I need to solder another button so I can change in between xbox/ps3 mode for the paewang or does it just auto detect?

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