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September 27, 2022, 03:55:07 am


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South Island Fighting Game Regionals tournament in June

Started by CptMunta, April 16, 2011, 02:03:48 pm

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have your tourney then watch the SS stream. beast mode.



A few more points of discussion

Players will be seeding by ranbat rankings and location. So that way hopefully top players, different crews and out of towners don't have to play each other. That's way it's good to come to mashups get sone points :) MK9 seeding will be more random since we haven't started ranbats for it yet. SSF4AE will just use the SSF4 rankings results.

Stick around: MASHMASTER!!!!
If you get knocked out straight away you could still win some cool stuff. There will be spot prizes as people get knocked out of the tournament and bottom 2 of the tournament get to battle it out for mashmaster in each tournament! Sometimes an awesome prize sometimes something silly, but always fun!

Gonna try and make it so everyone gets something like the last couple of tournaments to keep things interesting.
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Oh and we need a name.

Mortal Mashups

Mortal Matchup

Marvel Kombat




Munta on the web: www.pavementart.co.nz
PSN: CptMunta