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Started by Lennysaurus, April 21, 2011, 10:29:06 am

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Airdash H isn't that easy to just jump up and airthrow. And only idiots are gonna be whiffing it too much (it does have heaps of active frames). Her airdash H is a really good tool of hers which does great pressure and landing one can lead to 80% damage+.

Even the top US Tron players spam that shit like Justin. I didn't say it was broken, but it's not braindead to beat.


It IS that easy to airthrow. Don't dismiss it so readily. Ive seen plenty of Tron players get airthrown out of airdash H. It's a good tool of hers for sure, but its also really REALLY easy for her to make a mistake with. Youre going to need to eat a few airdash H's to get the timing down, same as anything. But it works. Im not saying airthrow is a free win, but its easy enough to land on her with a bit of practice. Its obviously not be the best thing to be doing against it in ALL situations. I mentioned keepaway before airthrow, because keepaway is a far better option. It was the second thing I mentioned because I find its overlooked by a lot of players having specific trouble with Tron's airdash H. 

I honestly don't think she's a complex character to get your head around. Pick her up IMO. Her weaknesses show themselves pretty quick when youre using her.

Her gameplan is a slightly harder to execute version of week one sentinel in most cases. The counters are all the same, PLUS with some practice you'll learn when to air throw her. Yes you get random tagged for big damage, but its the same with half the characters in the game, and most of those are far better on point than Tron is.

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It's only easy to airthrow if the Tron decides to spam jump dash H in bad spots.  If it's used properly, and not just 'herp derp i r jump and dash lolz' then it can be difficult.

THe other thing against Tron, is that you don't want to push block all her stuff all the time.  If your opp is jump dash H'ing alot, don't pushblock the first one, and then if she does it again you have her in prime airthrow real estate.  Heaps of characters can also dash forward and raw launch her out of the air too, so check whether or not your characters can do that.  Dante and Sent do it really well.

TBH This is why I was buzzing out at Eru's Tron on the weekend.  Even though he probably didn't win heaps of games, I thought he played her pretty smartly in most cases.

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Maybe this should be in the Marvel strat thread?
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