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US/NZ MK style SF stick

Started by Situation, May 02, 2011, 08:28:29 am

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Generally speaking, Sanwa (the brand in the TE) and Seimitsu are the best brands. Sounds like you prefer the buttons to be firmer, in which case you might prefer the feel of seimitsu.
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Touching the buttons on the MK TE and hearing the cliking noise, they just... feel like they should, like they were when I was younger. Touching the SF TE fighstick buttons and hearing almost nothing and feeling... I don't know... flatness, nothingness, I just dislike the buttons. I might like the Seimitsu ones but I don't know if I've ever used anything with them before.


Probably not, if you come to an NZism event my stick is usually there and it has Seimitsus on it
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The Happ convex buttons have a click to them, but it isn't like latching a farm gate like the xarcade buttons for instance. They are actually really nice buttons imo, I think you'd be fine with them.
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Best check this bruv!!!

Stacks of info take your time and keep asking around many options...

p.s. welcome to the scene bruv!!!  :)
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Sent you a PM fluxcore, not 100% if it went through or not so posting here :)


OK, finally got all my shit in order and have the pics at the right place at the right time.

There's a thin lexan sheet on the top, so artwork goes underneath. The sides currently have laminated art on them stuck on with blutack. works surprisingly well, although the corners are coming apart these days.

The start button is an xarcade concave button with the xarcade microswitch too, because it's clunky as hell and makes you less likely to press it by accident _b
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