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Hamilton: Hi, I'm fluxcore...

Started by fluxcore, January 10, 2007, 01:58:53 pm

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January 10, 2007, 01:58:53 pm Last Edit: January 10, 2007, 03:43:23 pm by fluxcore
I'm in Hamilton, so if anyone comes around the Waikato region, PM me or something.

I play just about anything (I have to, with the comp here!), but prefer UMK3, MvC2, ST, HF, GGXX#R, A3, SamSho5sp, KoF2k2... Tekken 5 even... Basically if it's worth playing I'll have played it. Obviously if I'm fanatical enough to have set up this website, I must be fairly into fighting games in general.

I've got a couple of sticks which can be used with PC, Dreamcast and PS2, so am pretty equipped to play wherever.

Hit me up if you want to play!
Any sufficiently godlike street fighter technique is indistinguishable from randomness


Recently there seems to be an increase in the number of MvC2 players... or maybe it's just becasue T5DR is so dead. lol.


I should really get off my ass and make some flyers to conveniently locate... in my experience everyone in Hamilton absolutely sucks at MvC2, but it would be good to train some people up!

Any sufficiently godlike street fighter technique is indistinguishable from randomness


Correction: everyone here in Hamilton sucks at everything if it's arcade-game related.

For those who don't suck, most of them have already left this tiny town; the few that stayed either long quitted or don't give it shit anymore.

Looking around TimeZone makes me depressed, honestly...
- Maximum Tune 2: whored by people who spend big but still can't drive straight... not to mention they play no battles, no time-attacks, just losing to the CPUs.
- Initial D Ver. 3: this is probably the only game here that currently has a player base with reasonable skill level... although still mediocre at best compared to my days of playing.
- DDR Supernova: only 1 player worth honourable mentions, although even he doesn't play much at all thesedays due to lack of competition. Some older players still play but they don't focus on Perfect-attacking. The rest... maybe they can get better if they are willing to venture out to different songs for once, instead of the same 4 songs over and over.
- TimeCrisis 4 and THoD 4: forget it. Only casual players. I stopped at TimeCrisis2 and THoD2, since then I see no serious shooting gamer here.
- Tekken 5 DR: the only game I still play in TimeZone and nobody would dare challenge me for some reason. (except the few TW friend of mine who I constantly play with, and sometimes Gino if he's around). I'd stop calling the rest as scrubs if they'd just man it up and challenge me, AND learn how to play properly ffs...
- Soul Calibur 3: the thing doesn't even work thesedays. When it did worked it attracted only randoms anyway. Soul Calibur 2 had better player base.
- MvC 2 (and other 2D fighters): fireballs ftw? I guess I don't need to say more, this will only make fluxcore more depressed lol.

...a friend of mine is getting his new PS3 with TK5DR preloaded shipped over from Japan soon... I guess it's 'goodbye TimeZone' for me until Initial D Ver. 4, Maximum Tune 3 and Tekken 6.


Wish I had more time for dr. I only play it montly now at best.