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A miscellaneous compilation of ramblings about anime and manga.

Of Kakegurui

[8:03 AM] Sadao: even kakegurui has a discord server? Sheesh [8:03 AM] Sadao: I mean Code Geass is an oldass show with a ton of lore etc 8:03 AM] Sadao: kakegurui has 6 episodes out and a manga [8:04 AM] Sadao: just kind of in a different league with respects to what kind of discussions can go on IMO [8:04 AM] Sadao: there's no real deep conversational topics to go with kakegurui [8:05 AM] Sadao: unless it's a bunch of edgelords going YEAH I WANNA SHOOT MYSELF TOO [8:05 AM] Sadao: I almost like midari [8:05 AM] Sadao: but when she goes full psycho it's a bit much

7:49 AM] Sadao: I just gouged out my eye for you [7:49 AM] Sadao: meh, it wasn't very interesting [7:49 AM] Sadao: I've got more eyes to gouge out if you want [7:50 AM] Sadao: nah it's ok [7:50 AM] Sadao: :frowning:

[5:59 PM] Sadao: guess I'll watch [6:00 PM] Sadao: while my nachos gently heats [6:00 PM] Sadao: I'm watching idols [6:00 PM] Sadao: got a problem with that [6:01 PM] Sadao: she wears contacts with stars in them because fuck you [6:03 PM] Sadao: "don't forget to share me" [6:03 PM] Sadao: what a shameless hussy 6:06 PM] Sadao: I keep mixing up sayaka with jabami [6:09 PM] Sadao: hah this fuck is a wuss [6:09 PM] Sadao: LOSING TO HOUSPETS, USELESS [6:09 PM] Sadao: NOT GONNA TAKE DEM ON MYSELF THO(edited) [6:10 PM] Sadao: lol gotta go take care of business just because thinking of jabami's eyes 6:14 PM] Sadao: president is shook [6:15 PM] Sadao: now this is turning into a shitty version of danganronpa [6:18 PM] Sadao: "I only came here to join the elite" [6:18 PM] Sadao: one of those elite ppl only got there because she stabbed her own eye out 6:24 PM] Sadao: 'oh man jabami is so amazing' is literally all that's happened in 11 mins [6:25 PM] Sadao: jabami sempai so kakkoiiiiii 6:25 PM] Sadao: star eyed bitch is bitch [6:26 PM] Sadao: oh yeah she stole the topping off his cake a little ways back [6:26 PM] Sadao: while another char was going on about how great jabami is [6:27 PM] Sadao: 'be careful, dont let jabami be too awesome' 6:29 PM] Sadao: 'i hope i'm not too awesome' says jabami [6:30 PM] Sadao: omg [6:30 PM] Sadao: the stakes of this bet [6:30 PM] Sadao: are so stupid [6:31 PM] Sadao: fuck me [6:31 PM] Sadao: what a fanservicey load of garbage [6:31 PM] Sadao: HAHAhAHAA [6:32 PM] Sadao: even that shitlord male character said WOW THAT'S LAME [6:36 PM] Sadao: HERE'S AN INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT LETTER I JUST FOUND SOMEWHERE OFFSCREEN [6:36 PM] Sadao: fuck [6:37 PM] Sadao: and having the chars go WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU GET THAT [6:37 PM] Sadao: would be far too obvious [6:37 PM] Sadao: oh wait do I have to go right back to the start of the episode to see where she randomly picked it up from [6:37 PM] Sadao: that is dumb if I do [6:45 PM] Sadao: ahahah this shithead guy just got ruined btw [6:46 PM] Sadao: NOO MAI WAIFUUUU 6:46 PM] Sadao: GURE~TO! [6:47 PM] Sadao: jabami you'll regreeettt thiiiiisssssss [6:48 PM] Sadao: hurry up please ED 6:49 PM] Sadao: OMG IT FADED TO BLACK [6:49 PM] Sadao: THEN CAME BACK TO A NEW SCENE [6:49 PM] Sadao: FUCKKKKK 6:49 PM] Sadao: I thought for sure that was gonna be the ED 6:50 PM] Sadao: MINNA ARIGAATOOUUU [6:52 PM] Sadao: DREAMER CREAMER BOSTON STEAMER [6:53 PM] Sadao: man isn;t it convenient our main char is so cute [6:53 PM] Sadao: fuck sake it's 22:30 wheres the ed 6:54 PM] Sadao: "WE'RE STARTING NOW!!!"(edited) [6:54 PM] Sadao: ED [6:54 PM] Sadao: megatrope [6:55 PM] Sadao: well to be honest [6:55 PM] Sadao: you could skip that entire episode very easily and I could sum it up with one sentence 6:56 PM] Lucy: something something Jabami? [6:56 PM] Sadao: something something dark side [7:00 PM] Sadao: christ her bazongas are enormous in this ED [7:00 PM] Sadao: ridiculous 7:01 PM] Sadao: the next episode has some potential [7:01 PM] Sadao: but going off what the previous gambling games were [7:02 PM] Sadao: I don't hold much hope

8:33 PM] Sadao: new kakegurui [8:33 PM] Sadao: let's go I guess [8:41 PM] Sadao: yeah this game sucks [8:47 PM] Sadao: "I LOST BECAUSE I HAD BAD LUCK?" [8:47 PM] Sadao: fuck this game [8:47 PM] Sadao: this show is so shit lol [8:52 PM] Sadao: ugh [8:52 PM] Sadao: minna san [8:52 PM] Sadao: fucking baka fucks fucken fuck [8:52 PM] Sadao: OMG [8:52 PM] Sadao: ARE THEY SKIPPING THE ED [8:52 PM] Sadao: I DON'T CARE IF IT'S JABAMI DANCING AND SINGING [8:53 PM] Sadao: FUCK FUCK [8:55 PM] Sadao: worst game yet by far [8:59 PM] Sadao: no ed [8:59 PM] Sadao: fml

6:24 AM] Sadao: that whole game was terrible [6:24 AM] Sadao: like utter trash [6:25 AM] Sadao: literally was just two dice rolls. [8:49 AM] Sadao: just was venting to a friend at work about how bad kakegurui is

[8:11 PM] Sadao: time for the next disappointing episode of kakegurui [8:43 PM] Sadao: it was ok [8:43 PM] Sadao: possibly best ep yet I guess [8:43 PM] Sadao: game was vaguely interesting [8:44 PM] Sadao: even if it just comes down to 'who has most money' [8:44 PM] Sadao: and most importantly [8:44 PM] Sadao: ED was played

Episode 11: 8:43 PM] Sadao: TIME [8:43 PM] Sadao: FOR DISAPPOINTMENT [7:29 PM] Sadao: GLASSES EXPLOSION 9:03 PM] Sadao: FUCKEN STRETCHERED OUT [9:03 PM] Sadao: OWNEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD [9:04 PM] Sadao: AHAHAHAHA THE HAIR COLOUR CHANGE [9:06 PM] Sadao: omg [9:07 PM] Sadao: they are going to put everything on the line [9:07 PM] Sadao: and gamble [9:07 PM] Sadao: I would never have expected 9:09 PM] Sadao: probably the best episode tho tbh [9:10 PM] Sadao: even though it's literally just raising bets for the entire episode

Episode 12 (Finale):

[8:16 PM] Sadao: WHAT A DUMB GAME [8:16 PM] Sadao: WHAT A DUMB BET [8:16 PM] Sadao: fuk [8:18 PM] Sadao: I am so glad I can finally flip a card over in your presence, ms president [8:20 PM] Sadao: desperately analyses the shit out of the situation, even though no strategy or tactics are possible [8:22 PM] Sadao: babbles on about randomness for 2 minutes [8:22 PM] Sadao: ZA WARUDO [8:27 PM] Sadao: THIS IS HOW I GAMBLE! THE SAME WAY AS EVERYONE ELSE, THE ONLY WAY THAT IS POSSIBLE! BY FLIPPING A SINGLE CARD! [8:28 PM] Sadao: LEAVE IT UP TO CHANCE! WHAT WE HAVE TO DO IN A 100% RANDOM GAME! [8:32 PM] Sadao: toilet show [8:37 PM] Sadao: 4/10 6:27 AM] Sadao: LET ME SHOW YOU MY GAMBLING [6:27 AM] Sadao: PICKING A RANDOM CARD!!!!!!!

Of Hataraku Maou-Sama (The Devil is a part-timer) light novel volume 3: [7:23 PM] Sadao: the first chapter [7:23 PM] Sadao: the devil and the hero unexpectedly become parents

"so a huge apple got shoved through a gate and maou told emi she was flat chested then emi took a super serious deathblow swing with Better Half at maou, who held up the apple to protect himself. The sword stopped in the apple which then had arms which had stopped the sword. Eventually the apple turned into a 2 year old who identified Maou and Emi as mommy and daddy and everyone is unhappy. somehow the fruit bit turned into the kid's dress. lucifer takes to hiding in the closet with the laptop and a fan because the baby is too noisy. Oh and suzuno had to buy maou a new bike - Dullahan 2. alsiel tripped over and hurt himself btw. he was trying to protect maou, but was wearing his indoor slippers and slipped on the crappy wood outside the house. : oh suzuno just gave alsiel a spiritual energy drink in disguise to knock him out sariel has been going to mgronalds for every meal too see the manager lady [7:08 AM] Sadao: and is already getting fat after like 2 weeks. The SFC manager eats at mgronald's 3+ times a day he just goes there to see the manager. and she doesn't mind because it helps her sales targets alsiel just got a stomach ache from the olive oil at an italian cafe [6:23 AM] Sadao: however then he and rika ended up in a ferris wheel ride together and she got all flustered also maou was apparently a shit-tier puny weakling demon back in demon land, and everyone there was an asshole. His whole clan got destroyed including his parents. He didn't care, but was crying because of how weak they were. Some badass angel showed up and saw him crying and went OMOSHIROI and took him in and taught him stuff and then he rose up the ranks because he actually used strategy and shit he's all like "those bastards would never have been anything if it weren't for me" archangel gabriel and his goons fell down the stairs also the baby ate emi's better half sword

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