Collar x Malice (psvita)

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Released: July 2017 Time to complete: ~35 hrs

Another otome (i.e. targetted at women) visual novel, in this one the female protagonist, a police officer, is assaulted and 'collared' by an unknown assailant and forced to investigate a series of terrorist attacks. The scenario is pretty interesting, writing generally good, characters good, although the translation is poor in places (read: hardly seems like anyone actually played it during QA!). The routes are well done in that they cover different ground, and yet the stories actually fit and complement one another, unlike Code: Realize, where it seems like each route is an entirely separate universe. I wasn't as happy with the final route, however.

Art was good, music fine, fast-text-skip was pretty fast (important in a visual novel!), and the quick save feature was excellent - much appreciated for this genre.

My route order: Sasazuka, Shiraishi, Okazaki, Enomoto, Yanagi.

Favourite route: Enomoto > Okazaki > Yanagi > Shiraishi > Sasazuka

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