Elevator Action Returns (Arcade - Taito F3)

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Released: '94 Time to complete: ~30 mins

If infiltrating a building complex, killing enemies (using firearms, jumpkicks, or even elevators), retrieving documents, neutralising bombs, and escaping in a helicopter sound like a good time to you, then Elevator Action Returns is likely going to be right up your elevator. Alley. Whatever.

This is a 2d scrolling shooter by heart, with a dollop of Impossible Mission style runny-jumpy-subterfuge. But mainly shooting. Bullets and explosions all over the place, kinda thing. Good ol' fashioned arcade fun - and it is definitely fun. The controls are great, with a suprising amount of options available to you, and the animations are stellar. The first time you are crushed into the ceiling by a rising elevator, you are sure to be a believer. Or even better, when you do it to an enemy. You'll be jump-kicking and firebombing with glee in no time.

It's kind of short though. While I went through a good few continues in my play session, I was surprised by how quickly it was all over. Seasoned players in youtube videos get through it in just over 20 minutes, but that of course doesn't mean it isn't worth playing - just don't expect it to dominate your play time. Sometimes that's a huge boon!

Elevator Action Returns also supports co-op play, so give that a go - just don't crush your friends!

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