Apex Legends (PC)

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As my first battle royale game, I feel I chose Apex Legends wisely. I appreciate good movement in my first-person shooters, which AL certainly has. The characters ('legends') are not immediately appealing, but are compelling enough in their own way, and offer individual skills vital to success in the team-oriented nature of this particular entry. The general gameplay loop is solid, although requires finding team-mates who not only have a clue what they are doing, but also aren't assholes. Strangely difficult on Australian servers.

The weapons form a solid mix, although the decision to make a few of the guns intentionally weak is a little vexing when all you can find in your starting area are multiples of them. The random nature of battle royale is a curse more often than a blessing, I feel - although required for the format and its longevity.

Being free-to-play didn't hurt, either, although the content offered post-launch has so far been lacklustre, and the items up for purchase are generally neither appealing nor affordable.

Like any 'game as a service' offering, whether Apex Legends lives or dies will be determined by the support going forward, and at this point (near the end of the first 'season'), the situation is stable but also tenuous. The upcoming EA access press conference could prove a stunning revival of the incredible success the game saw upon launch, or the final straw for many of its players, who have become increasingly vexed by disappointing announcements (or lack thereof) since release.