• Release Date: September 2017
  • Time to complete: ~3 hrs

Doki Doki Literature Club (DDLC for short) is an exploration in visual novel form. A disturbing exploration - the warnings upon game start aren't kidding. If you can't handle some pretty heavy psychological (and physical) themes, steer clear, no matter how harmless the game may appear.

If DDLC were likened to a music album, it would be considered 'experimental' or 'concept' - it is more interested in presenting an experience than being a traditional visual novel, even less a 'game' itself. It's not even particularly non-linear - the couple of choices you have to make don't even really make that much difference in the long run, unfortunately. Not a ton of replayability to be had.

For those that aren't already too put-off, definitely give DDLC a try. Even if it may come across as slightly conceited, it's a very interesting and absorbing journey.

Might want to back up your game files though ;)

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