Free to play text... game... Very short. Super retro looking, like... older than windows 3.1 kind of look. Basically you have instant message chats with a crush of yours over the course of college. The interface is 'pick your response, then mash on the keyboard to simulate typing it'. The game is vaguely amusing and interesting the first time through, however you naturally try to play again to see how you can affect results - and basically you can't. You actually have almost no agency throughout the game, and even when you are cautious, your character does things you probably didn't want.

I can't say it's really worth bothering with, it sounded a lot more interesting than it actually turned out to be. There are some good critiques on the game and how the characters are written which are actually more deserving of merit than the game itself is. Oh well. It has some decent (and easily obtained if you know the trick) achievements for your profile achievement list if you show that :)

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