I’ve been watching the Evolution series for years now, and I have to say, it just keeps getting better and better. 2k11 was incredible. I watched pretty much all of all three days (including quite a bit of the after hours streams), and usually that long a stretch makes me incredibly tired, but I simply feel like I want to watch more! More! MOREE!!!

Here are a few of the highlights that stick in my mind, I highly recommend you track them down:

  • Mike Ross’s completely unwarranted win vs a very impressive Deadpool comeback in MvC3 pools
  • Valle vs Daigo, the rematch – this time Ryu vs Yun. Always great matches between these two.
  • Juicebox looking incredibly strong with both his Abel and Juri, just missing out on top 8
  • Noel Brown making Sanford eat his words to get into top 8 MvC3
  • MK9 finals in general were very entertaining, JOP’s Johnny Cage, 16bit’s Kitana
  • Reo’s immensely impressive Mileena in MK9
  • Xray in MvC3 – it takes a lot to make me impressed by a Dante/Amaterasu/Magneto, but he did it
  • Justin’s amazing LEGIT Akuma comebacks vs Richard Nguyen in MvC3
  • PR Balrog in general in MvC3 top eight! Perfecting Justin Wong to eliminate him!
  • PR Balrog’s unbelievable Tron lvl3 vs Viscant’s Dark Phoenix in grand finals
  • Viscant! Viscant!!!
  • Poongko making Daigo look absolutely free in SSF4AE winners bracket of top 8
  • Latif’s incredible run in SSF4AE top 8, eliminating Tokido, then Daigo, and then Poongko
  • Fuudo making both the above look fairly silly, easily beating them both!

Big kudos to Viscant in particular, great to see him win the biggest major of them all. And to Latif for taking out such big names, pity he couldn’t pull off the final but no-one could ask for more, really!

Thanks to the organisers for yet again hitting it out of the park, all the commentators, and of course the streaming team – this year it was damn near flawless. Good work Spooky!

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