Release: Apr '17 Time to complete: 115 hrs

If there's one huge improvement in Persona 5 over previous entries, it's the structured dungeons - no longer are all the dungeons randomised. There is still a section of game which contains randomised dungeons - so if that's really what you're into, Mementos is there for you. Demon negotiation from the Shin Megami Tensei series is somewhat integrated now, too - instead of a semi-random chance game after battles which can give you additional Personas, you have to gain them as allies by talking to the shadows in the dungeons - by successfully reminding them of their past lives. There are many battle system changes, almost all for the better, I believe - overall, P5 has the best 'gameplay' of the 3 games that I've played.

The story scenario is well done, with an excellent... not exactly 'twist', more an exhaustive elaboration... occurring at about one third the way through the game, which is certainly its defining moment. Perhaps the last boss is a slight let-down, or at least not quite what was hoped for. Some of the themes touched are quite dark indeed, and would absolutely be worthy of 'trigger warnings'.

The characters are generally great, with some wonderful allies, and worthy foes. Few are very one-dimensional, and don't follow P4's disappointing 'my story arc goes in a circle' tendency. I like certain chars from P4 more, but no-one reaches some of the lows the P4 or P3 casts do, and overall the P5 group overall is a great bunch. Futaba in particular is a stand-out.

Music is, of course, superb. Don't really need to say more about that. And the graphical presentation is unreal - somehow both aspects keep outdoing themselves, it's quite unbelievable.

All up, I think Persona 5 is the best of the P3/P4/P5 lineup, there are a few quibbles here and there, but nothing major. If I have one complaint, it's in the length of the game - but to some that represents a value-for-money proposition, and Persona 5 is hard to beat in those terms. A great starting point to the series if you haven't yet delved into the Persona/SMT-verse.

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