The 'follow on' to the failed timeline of Steins;Gate (which is absolutely VITAL to have played before this - nothing would make any sense without already knowing the events of S;G). While the original bordered on a dating sim at times (each route ended with a different 'partner'), S;G0 is decidedly not - as you know exactly where the game will start and how it will end before you even begin. The characterisation of the new characters is handled very well in general, and the scenario is great. I was almost in tears about 10 minutes in, and again a couple of times later in the game. This series really knows how to pull my emotions around - but at least I wasn't depressed for a week after finishing this one. To be honest, the ending is the most disappointing part of the game - partly because the ending is already known before you even start playing, but mainly because the cut-off point is pretty severe. I was hoping for a bit more of a segue back into the true ending of S;G than was presented.

As a purely story-driven visual novel, I really can't say much of any substance, other than that if you enjoyed Steins;Gate, then this is pretty much a must-play. Or wait for the anime to come out, I guess.

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