Wow. If you've seen the anime you probably know what I'm talking about, I haven't, I've only played this game. I'm not sure how worthwhile it is to play the game after watching the anime.

It's another time-travel-based visual novel (surely we don't need more of them? Oh yes, we certainly do). So again, if you require a lot of 'game' in your game, probably not for you. There's lots of nerdy 2chan lingo, and dorkiness in general, so if that puts you off, probably don't bother either.

But man, the writing and characters are so good.

I laughed. I became angry. I became disgusted. I became sad. I became happy. I got closure. There's nothing more I can ask for from a story, from a game, from an experience.

It's not super short, I encountered my first 'ending' after about 13 hrs, and have ~30 hrs now that I've 'cleared' the game. I will say, the true ending path is not obvious, there is no shame in using a spoiler free guide to obtain it after you'd played through to get a bunch of the other endings. But I was absolutely hooked the whole way through.

I have nothing bad to say about the Vita version, there were no control issues like in Virtue's Last Reward, although it's much less of a 'game' than VLR is. I guess if you like English dubbing you'll be disappointed, I'm pretty sure there's only Japanese audio with subtitles, but that's my preference anyway. Skipping through text you've already seen (to see the other routes) is pretty fast. I guess it would be nice to have indicators for 'choices' you've made previously (which happens in 999), so take note of what you picked, I guess. I picked the same choices accidentally on some playthroughs due to forgetfulness. But there are a lot of save slots to play with. I didn't feel like it was a chore at all to 'replay' it.

Like all good things, I am deflated and sad now it's over.

I am now a Steins;Gate fan.

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