The top 10 Marvel vs Capcom 3 chars… THAT I HATE!

1) Wesker
Huge health, huge damage, stupidly long combos. Ridiculous crossup that hits everywhere. Ridiculous range. Pathetic sounding pop gun. The only redeeming feature is his constant cursing when being hit.

2) Tron
Huge health, stupidly long combos, that silly jumping C soundbite that you hear constantly.

3) Wolverine
Floor bounce everywhere, insane dive kick, super makes everything safe, and most of all, he’s a jerk!

4) Dog
The sound of a person mashing C!

5) Doom
“Foot Dive!” “Hard Kick!” “Walk forward!”

6) Taskmaster
Can’t even come up with his own moves! Has to carry a sword and shield because he can’t even fight unarmed!

7) Deadpool
Gun supers go on too damn long!

8) Dante
Gun supers go on too damn long!

9) Spider-man
Got his uncle killed through being a self absorbed ass!

10) Ryu
Just plain sucks! Drop him already, Darren!

Hopefully this will guide you into making a far less hateable team!

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