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"The Aftermath" The Nats 2010 Post-Tourney Thread!!!

Started by Lennysaurus, August 23, 2010, 12:08:41 pm

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August 26, 2010, 07:53:35 pm Last Edit: August 26, 2010, 09:36:27 pm by Gankatron
On behalf of myself and Jack.

First of all, apologies for the late thank you post.

Where to begin? Basically both myself and especially Jack have put in alot of effort in practising since getting our beats at the last Nats hoping it'll pay off. In most ways it has but i guess we let ourselves down when it mattered the most which is the Nationals. *Stiffens up the upper lips*

Big congratulations to Kevin/Simon for once again showing true form when it counted the most.

Lenny - Too much bro, you run our ranbats everytime as well as plenty of other mini tourneys leading up to the nats and you seem to do with almost no help at all sometimes. I have no idea why you can even be bothered sometimes with some of the shit talk that happens but i know deep down you have true love for this "hobby" of ours and you just soldier on. Too meke brah.

Rory - I guess your still somewhat new to the scene but you've help out so much in our ranbats/tourneys etc, completely unselfish man. Thank you.

Stu - You somehow got your our ass from teh Tron to  help run this years nats and not only that you kept up a smile throughout the whole day. Thank you bro and awesome watching you beast in HDR.

Ben - Thanks for manning the 3S setup the whole day bro and shot for teaching me your in depth boxer knowledge as i dont think i would be able to play the semi stable boxer than i do now without it. Thanks whorey morey :)

Rob - Very very impressed with the boxer you displayed throughout the weekend dude, i kept thinking to myself unlike me, you've learnt how to win by using footsies and normals rather than most rushdown and random HB/OH boxers i see so often including myself to be frankly honest. Practice often  but productively and you'll go along way. Dont be shy to ask ppl what works with your match ups with them cos thats how we all progress and learn. If they brush you off...... Stand up and step them out! WATT! P.S Remember, when you turn pro, dont be a eat arse.

Andy - Our match felt just like when we're in OZ haha, except this time my randomness paid off,... just. GG's bro.

Hue - No offence but im glad i didnt have to face your Viper as i do really believe i would of lost. Hands down.

Allan - Thanks for coming dude, it was good to catch up with ya again and awesome to hear you drop those knowledge bombs regarding HDR. Nice.

Jack -  We got schooled by some fresh asian dudes again can ya believe that! 2 years now! Sad  :'(

Weezy - Brah, your Bison was mean maori mean!!! Im glad you heeded my advice and not come to the tourney krunk off you fucking face,... it paid off eh? Told you man. Oh hey do me a favour, stop sucking on Brodsta's cock you faggot your better than him now! You also owe me $20 for losing to Andy in the MM, so until you either gimme 20 bucks or come next years Nat's, you shall be officially known as "Fong's Bitch" Y'all heard it here first WATTT

Heb - Thanks for coming down bro was good to see you again. Hope you had a lot of fun :)

Thanks EXC355UM for the awesome write up.

Finally shout outs to all the people i missed out and apologies if i didnt introduce myself but there was just so much ppl there and i think everyone was in their own little zone anyway.

No disrespect.
Fong and Jack

[NIUE] weazzyefff

LOL shot Fong gee. I honestly thought it would be you and Jack in the finals after seeing you's play that day. But nobody can fool my prediction ay.

Shot Fong bro but Brodsta would probably perfect Daigo yo, real talk cuz. He actually has a professional Boxer and underground kick boxer and pretty boy spanish dude with a claw working for him.
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[NIUE] B1ackstar Ninja

i think daigo perfected brodsta when he was on his 140 win streak at ggs in aussie
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Finally I have sometime to Post something..
GG to everyone......
Especially Jack and Fong.... XD
I dunno what to say...
but its seems like everyone talking about Zosla, Devilstar and others..... without me...

So... I guess Im not important at all..

Anyways... I will upload my photos and videos asap.
and also anyone else still got video to post on?
I really want to watch me vs Fong and Jack match in SSf4 :D
Cheers guys....

Once again... GG to ALL!!! its was so much fun.

samurai black



I didn't even realise Simon posted here... thanks for the 3S games and letting me slowly leach some skills off you one round at a time.


No problem...
I dont post most of the time...
But I do read..... all the stuff here
not much time to Post while lm working..... hahaha


gg simonfish. was trainn so hard to beat your Abel and i was successful beating ya Abel haha
oh well congrats on your 2nd place! didnt get a chance to play ya in mvc2 :(


I think I mentioned in my previous post, anyway.

Really nice to meet you Simon, so good to play some 3s with you and I hope I'm back up in Auckland soon to get some more games in.

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Quote from: stereomonkey on August 26, 2010, 06:20:56 pm
What the fuck does that mean Andy?

it means he had enuff :D

Anyways looking forward for some comp before the end of teh year.
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[CYS] hebretto

guys ive upped all my vids to nzvidsm channel

balls out
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Then who had my money match vs Hue? And thanks for the vids bro

[CYS] hebretto

afaik ive upped your mm with hue (two parts). they were last in the batch tho (like weazzy v andy)
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