CHRISTMAS DAMAGER - The dust has settled...

Started by Lennysaurus, December 11, 2010, 06:50:28 pm

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[NIUE] Optimus DAVE

Quote from: Nick4now on December 12, 2010, 02:01:09 pm
Xmas Damger was rigged! Having Niue vs Niue 1st round of the 2v2 ssf4 and Redtie vs myself in HF, 2nd round? Hmmm......

this man knows what he is talking about

wanganui and christchurch vs niue drinking comp. ;D ;D ;D

also, i got footage of hf and 2v2 and moneymatch......and then the damn tape ran out halfway through the first match of bb.......

i'll be uploading it as soon as i can find the dam cablet connenct it to my pc....argh

plus highlights from the dinner and brief interview with team volatile lol

and u-mans fans :P ;D
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yah bitches in fishnets !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I saw a poster with them on it while walking home the other day!
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Quote from: [NIUE] Optimus DAVE on December 15, 2010, 01:36:32 pm
wanganui and christchurch vs niue drinking comp. ;D ;D ;D

KEEEEEN!!! But I think in the end we're all gonna be winners anyways haha

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What an introduction to Auckland's fighting game community! Awesome organisation and hosts led to an excellent tournament, where everyone was really friendly, it was great coming up as an outsider and having such an effort made to make me feel welcome.

I'm also absolutely blown away by how strong New Zealand's BlazBlue scene is, with huge shoutouts to Julz (thanks for all the tutoring!), Graeme (insane Tsubaki player, enjoy those CS2 buffs!) and everyone else who stuck around for casuals afterwards, hope you guys get a consistent scene up there.

With all the tips and contacts you guys gave me, I'll see whether we can get some competition drummed up for you down here in the windy city...

Oh, in regards to what platform to keep BlazBlue on, I'd prefer PS3.

I reiterate: wow, really good competition, thanks again!
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Make sure you make it to the Fighting Game National Tournament if there is one next year. They are usually around August and the biggest event of the year. This year's event spanned two days.


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Nice shit all, sounded like it was awesome as.

I heard Team Bedroom Intruders were on point. Shot  ;)
lol team stacked wins

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