NZism had several really great topics in its time, and I’m going to start highlighting them with a recurring feature called, imaginatively, the Best of NZism.

Feel free to contact me requesting certain topics, once they get enough interest (or I get desperate enough), I’ll probably whack it up for you :)

Note that while you can log into the forum with your old NZism account, and it looks very similar, you really can’t use it in any real fashion1. No posts, no profile editing. It’s currently just a vehicle for this Best of series. So, which thread is the first to feature? (I’m sure it’s no surprise to anyone):

Wombo Combo!

From the results of my incredibly lacklustre voting process, this 109 page behemoth of random images, stories, and videos is the thread most pined for. Started by Pinolicious with a fairly well known Smash Bros vid (which I still don’t understand at all), Wombo Combo quickly became the fastest moving, the most degenerate, and the most hilarious thread on the site. Unfortunately quite a few of the images and youtube vids have since disappeared, but what’s left is still a great way to waste some time.

Of course, it’s really just an archive of various amusing things the users found on the internet over the year and a half since Wombo Combo graced us with its presence (I checked, and it WAS on a Tuesday). Pretty much the only original content came from the inimitable Birry Wong, generally promoting the various new music videos by NZism’s notorious resident fan artist and part-time Nigerian rapper Samurai Black. He’s notorious because he’s black.

So, if you’ve ever got a few hours to waste, have a rifle through the pages of Wombo Combo and you’re sure to find something which amuses you. Or offends you. Either way, mission completed.

1 While I’ve been getting quite a few requests to put NZism’s old forum back up, and I acknowledge I probably made the wrong decision taking NZism down as hastily as I did (how was I to know the forum implementation at standingfierce was missing some crucial features?), I’m really in two minds about whether to reinstate it and just let you guys back at it, or whether I should tell you just to stick with standingfierce until they get things sorted. If I get enough feedback demanding the old NZism forums back I’ll probably do it.

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