So after all that history, where to from here?

Well, I have lots of ideas for content, I just didn’t have the enthusiasm to write it for the old NZism any more. And I certainly didn’t get any invites from standing fiafierce to contribute to their site, so I’m going to post stuff here. Expect fairly regular updates on all kinds of fighting game and NZ scene related topics. You may know me as a fellow who’s not afraid to voice his opinion, and you can expect that to continue, except this time I feel free and invigorated, and more positive than I have for a long time.

There’ll be videos, strategy, guides, art, long rambling opinion posts, nostalgia, all kinds of stuff. I think it’ll be a fairly interesting place to visit (or at least add to your RSS feeds) :) Obviously this design isn’t final, I’ve been itching to get writing things so have only put up the basics at the moment. The look and feel will evolve a lot over time.

And if anyone likes what they see and would like to contribute too in any way, flick me an email and we’ll get talking!

Viva la NZism!


Oh, and some people have asked if I’m still going to be part of “the community”. Right now I don’t feel very welcome or inclined to participate in the new forums or community, and I think that’s probably best for both parties. I’m still keen to play games with people, mainly GGPO for some HF/ST/A2, and hopefully some MK if the netcode gets a good patch. I may show up to some events briefly, but I doubt I’ll be entering any comps, I just don’t get any match-up experience anywhere (since no-one plays the big games online) to make it worthwhile, and I don’t even know if I’d be welcome at after-tournament gatherings anymore. You can find me on IRC though for sure.

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