An truly amazing port of the seminal 90s fighting game, especially considering the 8-bit CPU of the PC Engine. The music probably fares worst in the conversions, but the graphics and gameplay are outstanding. There is one arcade version trick which I can't get to work (CPS1 combos), but the Genesis port is the only 16bit port I've found that gets that one right. Even the weird thing where you can walk through Claw/Vega when he's knocked onto the floor is accurate.

I'm much more of a fan of SF2 Turbo than CE, the speed and game balance/moves aren't entirely to my liking (so I prefer the SNES and Genesis ports for that), but otherwise the PC Engine SF2 port really holds up well. It's a bit rough without a 6 button controller though - run button for LP and select to switch between punches and kicks is one step even worse than the Genesis 3 button controls.

This would have really made some PCE owners happy back in the day!

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