The third, and supposed final, entry in the Zero Escape visual novel/room escape series (along with 999 and VLR, both of which I loved). This one takes the massive setup left by VLR, and... well, doesn't really quite run with it. Or perhaps it runs, but the result is a functional lay-up rather than a slam-dunk. It's still a great game, but not quite the finale I (and I believe most of the fanbase) hoped for.

Partially this feels due to some budgetry constraints. This game was never going to get made, except for the outcry of western fans who demanded it - and 1 year from initial announcement, here it is. I had a feeling the development time seemed quite short, and it shows a little. The animations aren't particularly great. The music, while very good, is mostly remixes of songs from VLR, which is a little disappointing due to how stellar 999 and VLR's soundtracks were. The overall scenario feels like it could have done with just a wee bit more time. Also, the puzzles are a little too easy.

While I have mainly negative points to pick out, it's truly because of how hopeful and expectant I was of sheer brilliance. The previous two games were simply too amazing for this to stand up to - however it's still an enjoyable and worthwhile experience.

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