The sequel to my 3rd review of the year, 999. Though I had a couple of control issues with VLR, overall I think it's superior to 999, and I really liked 999.

The story is magnificent, truly an accomplishment in story writing for games. To tell almost anything would be spoiling it, all I can say is if you like Visual Novel/Puzzle (Room escape) games, definitely play this. I recommend playing through 999 first though, while it's far from necessary, I think it definitely adds to VLR to know more of the backstory.

The theme is less danger/horror based than 999 (at the publisher's request, I believe), although there's still some fairly gruesome stuff that happens.

Also the implementation of the repeated playthroughs is MUCH improved over 999's. When I realised what was required of me in 999 I slightly despaired and looked up a non-spoiler walkthrough, whereas in VLR I was excited to see each path to its conclusion.

I'm listening to the soundtrack now, and it really holds up on its own - and it's used very well within the game as well.

Highly recommended.

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