Spoilers: this game has more than 9 persons and more than 9 doors in it, and will take more than 9 hours to finish.

But seriously, this was a pretty good game. And by game I mean it's basically a visual novel with some puzzling elements (that's 3 for 3 this year, hrm). Think Myst, but with other characters and dialogue involved. And more danger. And more crazy pseudoscience. So basically it's a entertaining story. Skeptics will slap their heads at some of the story elements, but it's just a game.

To be perfectly honest I used a flowchart guide once I realised how you are meant to play the game - basically you need to replay it at least once to get the correct ending, but this depends on which choices you make during the playthrough. Obtaining this 'true ending' would require quite a lot of trial and error, and while you can speed past all the dialogue you've seen previously in a playthrough, you still have to redo the puzzles. They aren't hard, or overly long, but redoing them is still a bit of a pain. So spoiler-free path walkthrough that just tells you which doors to go through is pretty advised unless you don't particularly value your time, or want to 100% it.

There's an iOS version which apparently gets rid of the puzzles and just has you 'play' through the story, but that seems a bit lame to me.

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